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Psychotherapy with Heart

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If you’ve come to a stuck point in your life, it makes all the difference to work together with someone who can help you not only with your immediate concerns, but with understanding what it can tell you about yourself. Psychotherapy is a safe place to work together to find what is most precious and important to you, to support your values and discover the strengths inside of you that bring healing.



Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can be helpful in understanding and shifting feelings and patterns in our lives. At times, we need someone who can help us find the sources of what is troubling us.

Couples Therapy

How can we best guard each other’s hearts while continuing to grow on our own? How do we change together as we become parents, care for and lose loved ones or find out more about who we are?

Counseling for Teens

Teens face a complicated and fast-paced world at a time when they experience enormous changes internally and externally.

Divorce and Co-Parenting

In the life-changing decision to end a marriage, spouses and parents need practical and psychological support as they move toward becoming a post-divorce family. The emotional landscape has similar milestones but is unique to each person.

Сo-parenting Mediation

Helping parents with the transition to becoming co-parents calls for sensitivity, practical communication coaching and conflict resolution.

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