Co-parenting and Divorce

In the life-changing decision to end a marriage, spouses and parents need practical and psychological support as they move toward becoming a post-divorce family. The emotional landscape has similar milestones but is unique to each person. The most real thing in a divorcing spouse’s life is the way they feel. The way you approach the tasks in your divorce will effect you, your spouse and your children far into the future.

In my practice, I am available in three capacities: as divorce coach, a co-parenting specialist, and an integrative mediator.

In my practice as a divorce coach, I am committed to articulating and caring for the emotional experience of a couple working to come up with their solutions to the problems that need to be worked through for a dignified and respectful ending to a marriage. Managing the pain and confusion of divorce while deciding on a financial future, how to rearrange parenting, what to say to friends and family, and what to do next, is often the biggest challenge most people have faced in their lives. Offering emotional support, communication coaching and stress management tools is essential in helping my clients through their divorce.

In collaboration with an attorney and/or a financial specialist as needed, integrative mediation offer a caring and non-adversarial way to move forward with everyone’s best interests in mind.