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Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can be helpful in understanding and shifting feelings and patterns in our lives. At times, we need someone who can help us find the sources of what is troubling us. Some of the issues that I’ve helped people work on include:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Adoption
  • Eating Disorders
  • Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • Divorce and Co-Parenting
  • Parenting with Children with Chronic Medical Conditions
  • Relationship Struggles

Couples Therapy

How can we best guard each other’s hearts while continuing to grow on our own? How do we change together as we become parents, care for and lose loved ones or find out more about who we are? Our relationships are the clearest mirrors of all the tension between freedom and safety.

Couples therapy allows partners to understand each other more deeply, to air ghosts of the past that limit us, prevent current issues from becoming intractable patterns. At times, couples therapy provides a way to separate with kindness and respect.

Counseling for Teens

Teens face a complicated and fast-paced world at a time when they experience enormous changes internally and externally. The challenges and feelings that are constantly in motion during these formative years can be hard to navigate and often creates struggles with mood, school and behavior difficulties and struggles with self-image. Having a private place outside of home and school to talk through these concerns and changes can make all the difference in young adulthood.

Challenges in Adolescence that I work with include:

  • Friendships and Romantic Relationships
  • Mood Difficulties , feelings of anger, loneliness and
  • sadness
  • Body Issues and Disordered Eating
  • Sexual Identity
  • Self-Esteem

Divorce and Co-Parenting

In the life-changing decision to end a marriage, spouses and parents need practical and psychological support as they move toward becoming a post-divorce family. The emotional landscape has similar milestones but is unique to each person. The most real thing in a divorcing spouse’s life is the way they feel. The way you approach the tasks in your divorce will effect you, your spouse and your children far into the future. In my practice, I provide support and a safe, non-judgmental place to sort through the intense feelings and multitude of decisions through divorce and formation of a post-divorce family.

Сo-parenting Mediation

Helping parents with the transition to becoming co-parents calls for sensitivity, practical communication coaching and conflict resolution. As a co-parenting mediator, I provide a calm place to develop a workable plan for sharing parenting time and responsibilities in a way that addresses the values and concerns of each parent. I develop written co-parenting plans for parents that can be included in divorce mediation or as stand alone agreements.